We Nurture Your Leads Starting at $2/month

Lead Conversion service is based on a 12-Month Cycle.

Pricing for 12CashFlow Lead Conversion Services

Based on our Yearly Plan

$1499 /One-time Set-up Fee

Branding + Video Coaching + Communication Strategy + Gmail Integration + CRM logistics + Call to Action

Includes 12 Targeted Video Emails

Video Training + Video Editing
Marketing Material Review Positioning
(2) Strategy Sessions

$499 /Monthly Service Fee Including 250 Leads

$2 / Lead / Monthly

Renewal for Existing Customers

For second year services


Regardless of the Quantity of leads

$499 /Monthly Service Fee Including the First 250 Leads

Each extra lead is $2/monthly

New Customer Promotion

Based on a 12-Month Lead Conversion Program

$999 = One Time Set-up Fee

(Includes 6 month Marketing Strategy Revision + New Videos)

$499 = Monthly Service Fee

$499 = Including 500 to 1000 leads monthly

Each extra 500 leads are $100 /monthly
$599 /monthly up to 1500 leads
$699 /monthly up to 2000 leads


Savings $500 / Set-up Fee

Savings $1500 / Monthly Fee

Yearly Renewal Service After 12-Month Special

Renewal Special is $749 year

Includes the platform subscription
Strategy Session + New Video Campaign

$499 / Including 500 to 1000 leads monthly

Complete Marketing Strategy Revision
Each extra 500 leads are $100 /monthly
$599 /monthly up to 1500 leads
$699 /monthly up to 2000 leads

Billed Monthly Service Charge

+$499 /month for each Batch below 1000 leads.
Each extra batch of 500 leads are $100 /monthly

Social Media Package Add-on

Special $99 /month Instead of $199

$100 Savings/Month

Billed $99 Every Month

For Unlimited Leads.
Based on prospects from 12Cashflow program purchased.

Includes 2 Sales Funnels
+ 2 Branded Landing pages, for any Social Media Platform.

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