Our Satisfaction Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Here at 12Cashflow, we work hard to meet your expectations and to deliver our promised service. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service, please phone our office on 323-590- 0437 (From 10AM to 4PM PST) within the first 30 days of your purchase and we will rectify the situation or issue a pro-rated refund.

The Satisfaction Guaranteed only applies if the following conditions are met:

• The customer was able to process the full payment for the whole service through the 12Cashflow website (www.12cashflow.com).

• The customer was able to submit all the information/data via email or other means of electronic communication within 30 days to 12Cashflow that are required to start or continue the service.

○ The required information is the following but not limited to:
List of Leads/Info(Name, Email, Phone, Company Website, etc.), (Facebook or LinkedIn if the customer purchased the social media add-on), Facebook or LinkedIn access/credentials (That will be used for the service), Videos, Branding, Logos, Contact Information, Direct Email, Calendar, direct phone, email), Name and contact of another authorized person (Incase primary customer is not available), Other Marketing Materials, and all other data/information that is necessary for 12Cashflow to start the initial setup and service.

• The customer was able to state/dictate/specify the reason for dissatisfaction with the 12Cashflow service, in which 12Cashflow will evaluate and decide if the statement is valid.

• The customer was able to answer all questions and inquiries of 12Cashflow that are necessary to continue/start the service.

12Cashflow does not guarantee that all its marketing campaigns, strategies, techniques, methods, etc. will render the same results for all customers. The results/success that the customer may get from availing the service of 12Cashflow may vary depending on different factors. Such results/success are not covered by the satisfaction guarantee policy of 12Cashflow.

At any time, 12Cashflow reserves the right to decline refund requests if said conditions above are not met and have the authority to make final decisions for all refund requests.

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